How to Talk to Your Family About the Coronavirus Pandemic

In this article, S&D editorial board member and DigBoston’s Executive Editor, Jason Pramas, brings a laser-like focus to the practice of physical distancing. We share his introduction below and link to the original article. Future posts on this blog site will address other dimensions and impacts on our lives and practices, including practical matters – like earning a living!

The DigBoston Article:

For most of us who pay close attention to the progress of the coronavirus pandemic over the last three months, talking to our families about how to stay safe and healthy can be difficult. People don’t want to hear that the way they’ve lived their lives up to now is no longer the way they need to live their lives for the next couple of years. Which is completely understandable. But if we love them, we have to do our best to give them the information they need to protect themselves from the virus. Without getting into unproductive and pointless fights with them over it.

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